Monday, December 21, 2009

Swan st bridge

According to a work colleague, the bloke driving her back to work last week after a meeting, came over the Swan st bridge in the right lane. When he merged into the left lane, he was subsequently pulled over when through the intersection and fined. There is a solid white line over the bridge.

Good I say. I hate being one of the sheep in the left lane the whole way, sometimes in 10 minutes of traffic (might not seem a long time, but when you are just sitting there, it's an absolute age) and have people constantly push in to the left lane ahead of you and through the green light, leaving you to stop at the red light behind them. Ugh.

Don't know how often police are sitting and watching, but to me, it's not worth the fine to try and push in. I'm going to stick in the left lane and avoid the fine.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Eldest has joined up on Facebook. It was not without a lot of hesitation and thinking on my part allowing her to go on there.

Her other biological parent has, as expected, gotten in touch. Course he has his profile set to "don't let me be found in searches", so I can't look at it. Sent her a friend request yesterday. She ignored it. Did it again today with the note "I would love to be your friend only if you want to if not when your ready ill be here (sic)". Nice that he wants to be 'here' for her now. Nice that he wants to be a part of her life now. Nice that he doesn't mention any faults, why should he, in his mind there are none.

She's leaving it go for now. I'm not happy about her being in contact with him, why should I be, but I'm not going to fight it. I have, over the past 12-24 months, encouraged her to get in touch with him and go meet up with him. I can't keep her wrapped in cotton wool forever, and she does have to learn some things for herself. But I'm never going to be happy about it. And I'm not apologising for that.

We'll see how things go. I have her gmail and her FB logins and much as you may disagree, I will continue to keep watch on both. It's not all about him. She is 13. She is not the worldly adult she may think. And she still trusts too easily.

Monday, November 30, 2009


I listen to Vega, especially the brekkie show. it was Dicko, Dave and Chrissy, but Chrissy has just been sacked, so as of this morning, it's just Dicko and Dave.

I think they've lost more by losing her than what they have gained by her sacking. I know the story went out that it was due to the fact that the station was losing money, but the show was missing that female touch this morn and I think that may be more of a loss than they expected.

Only this week to go before they finish up, so I'll keep listening. Then I'll listen to the pod more often. Maybe I'll take up my brother's suggestion of listening to podcasts. Or talking books.

We'll see.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm currently reading "Sins of the Brother". It's (according to the subtitle) the "Definitive story of Ivan Milat and the backpacker murders".

Now I don't know if you've seen Wolf Creek, but I have and it was scary. Not so much the horror of the film, that isn't it, it's more the thought that these things really did and have happened.

I'm only just getting into Part two of the book, which within the first 2 chapters has already gotten in to the 'guts' of what that man's life was like. Part one was more about his childhood, his family life, and the lives of his family.

I think what I'm more frightened of is the fact that someone thought it was ok to do this to people. Not what they did, but that they thought it was ok. I mean, what they did was horrific, but that someone thought this was a fair thing to do to another living human being.... and to think up doing these sorts of things in the first place... well.

Have to admit, it's a good bedtime read though. I like reading biographies and autobiographies most of all, and this one is quite thorough in it's telling.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


it's been over a month since I wrote here - that's terrible. This is why I stopped blogging in the first place; lack of update-ability.

Mostly a lack of time, but also a lack of things to say. I guess tweeting would suit me, as I can generally update my FB status with a sentence or two and that sates me, but I refuse to tweet. Not my cuppa tea actually. Strangely enough....

Anyway, my pre-NYE resolution is to write more often, even if it's about naught. Practice the writing skill thingie.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'm a big fan of freecycle. In a nutshell, freecycle is an online community you join to give and gain usable items no longer wanted/needed. So imagine you open your cupboards and think "This breadmaker taking up space in my cupboard is no longer needed by me. It still works fine, so it would be a waste to toss it into landfill." You can offer it out on freecycle. Person who does want it comes and picks it up from you. No cost to you, them (other than their transport) and more importantly - the earth.

All good.

Recently I've seen a couple people offering out bassinette mattresses. Now this is all good and fine, but the guidelines on bassinette mattresses is that they shouldn't be used for more than one baby. No idea what this is about, the reasoning behind it (SIDS maybe?) but then got to thinking, if there isn't a real reason behind it, why is it known? Why is it I bought new ones for each of my little ones?

Is there a real reason to buy a new bassinette mattress with each baby, or is it simply some sort of scare tactics to make parents buy new each time. Generally you would be looking at $10-$50 for a suitable piece of foam mattress, so not a huge outlay (esp if you are cheap like me and go the $10 version) but really... is there a reason?

I'm off to google hoaxes etc and find out why. If indeed it can be found out online. If you know why a new mattress should be used, please tell me in the comments. And also, if the same holds true for a cot/bed mattress.

** Just thought - bassinette mattresses are generally foam, where cot and bed mattresses are generally innersprung. Hmmm..... Off to snopes/google!

Monday, October 19, 2009


I'm a bit hopeless at updating this, but hey, it's my 'get that crap off your chest, so you don't explode at people' place, so I'll keep going for now. Don't know for how long.

Just thought I'd mention I'm not normally this grumpy. As stated above, this is where I have a bit of a hissy fit/whinge/rant/etc, so I may sound like a really grumpy ole woman, but I think I can be seen with a smile or cheeky grin on my face more often than a frown.

I'd like to think so anyway!

Anyway, you can think what you like I suppose. I don't know you, you don't know me, you sometimes read something that I write and that is as far as our relationship goes. :P

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Losing myself

Happy to follow up from 14th Sept post; 1.5kg down. For a person who drifts up and down the scales to see a definite drop each week to get to a solid 1.5kg down in 4 weeks is ok. Not bad.

If I was being 'exceptionally' good, I reckon I'd be double that down, but hey, I'm still enjoying life, I'm still having pizza for dinner when T cooks it, enjoying some chippies with the kids when we open a bag, but the thing is, I'm having less slices of pizza and a smaller bowl for my share of the chippies. It's just being sensible.

I've also lessened the alcohol intake. But again, if I'm at a 'do' or somewhere to relax and enjoy a drink, I will. If we have friends over, I'll relax with a beer or wine.

I'm more likely to have a drink of water at my desk and drink during the day, have been known to buy a 2 litre bottle of soda water (so much easier to drink when water has bubbles in it) and drink it while at work that day. I think my local-to-work Coles is running low on their $1.11 Homebrand 2 litre bottles. My fault and I'm glad of that!!

I have had some white chocolate with the hubby and our evening cuppa warm (lite) milk, but sticking to the one row per sitting, as opposed to my past 3 rows, then going back for more.

So we'll plod on. Hopefully in 4 more weeks time, I'll be recording another 1.5kg drop.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Freeway driving

Driving on a freeway, you see some crazy characters. Some make you laugh, others make your heart thump. Today I saw a thumper.

A little blue "Accent" travelling down the Westgate bridge. Nothing much there. Not til you looked in the read window and saw a little yellow hat wearing head looking out the back window.

Yes, in full view of everyone behind.

No car seat, no restraint, just kid's head bobbing up between adults in the back seat.

They got off the freeway at Millers Road. I almost followed them, but got a bit worried about road rage laws and all. Instead I had my passenger use my phone to take a photo. Pic includes car, window with head, and number plate.

Now how do I report this, and who to?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Room decor

3 bedrooms for the kids. At the moment we have eldest in one room on her own, oldest boy in his own room, and the twins in the smallest room together. Eventually the plan is to have the boys in together and the girls in their own rooms. The main reasoning behind this is the boys are close in age (almost 2 years between them) and the girls have a big difference in age (13yo and 2yo). Big Miss will remain in the one big room on her own. Small Miss will remain in the smallest room on her own.

Have started decor in the boys room. Going with Disney's Cars. We have curtains and a framed print on the wall. More to come at some point.

Big Miss has some bits and pieces on her walls. She's into decorating her own space herself. I'd like to do it up in purple, like the bed set we got her, but she's so tomboy, it's just too difficult to arrange. I'm now leaving it to her.

Little Miss. Very much a little "Miss". Loves pink. My girly girl. Had been thinking to go mainstream, like Pooh bear or Disney Princess or something, mostly cos it's easy to find pieces to go with everything, but I had a good idea today.

I have always loved the book "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. I thought it would be easy to find things to go with that sort of decor, maybe some framed pictures on the wall, or wallpaper of some sort, but nada. Looks like if I want that theme, I'm going to have to get creative and make some things. Or check out this link from a friend for more ideas.

Or come up with a different theme....

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's time

I did something on the weekend I've never willingly do before; I asked a friend who is an awesome photographer, to take my picture. I had a specific reason for it, so it needed to be done, and she did exactly what I asked, and did so perfectly. The results were a good head shot and a well framed full body shot.

Problem was, I'd never seen me like that. I mean, I've looked in the mirror; I know what I look like, but seriously, this was a wake up call and a half.

Having had twins a little more than 2 years ago, I can no longer use them as an excuse. I can no longer say, "oh it's ok, I've just had twins, I don't expect to look great after that", as it was more than two years ago - I have had plenty of time to have done something about the weight since then.

I've been wanting to do something for a while now, but this photo has really made me think twice about being so slack in my effort. I've jumped on the scales this morn and I fully intend taking measurements this week, if not this evening. I plan to do this properly, and to hit my short term target of 10% by Christmas. After that, I intend on pushing on.

My goal weight is horrendously far off. I'm almost as heavy now as I was after having my first child. And being 13 years younger, I was of the mindset back then that it wasn't a big deal, it would drop off when I put in a little effort and when I did get in the right frame of mind, I was right, it did fall off pretty effortlessly. I was at my goal weight when she hit 2. Thing is, it's taken 11 years to creep back on. Sure, I've had 2 pregnancies in that time, but again, that really is no excuse.

I did well today, for a first day; I stuck to eating well, when putting bickies out for a meeting, I remembered that photo and didn't scoff one for myself, and at lunch I walked a little over 3 kms. So let's see how this goes.

I've found when I "out" myself and don't keep the diet and exercise a secret, I succeed way better than when I don't tell people, and don't create witnesses. So thanks any readers out there. Feel free to drop me a line every now and then to ensure I stay on the right track.

BTW I don't expect to be perfect and eat no chocolate or exercise every day, but I do expect to try my best and if I fall off the good track, that I do get back on there. Let's see, eh?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Junk man

Haven't spilled the beans yet, but T and I have vastly different opinions on the issue he raised on his blog yesterday - see here to read more.

Here is the scenario. Once a year our local council has a 'hard garbage collection'. This is basically where you can leave junk too big for the garbage bin on your nature strip and the council truck turns up (eventually) to pick it up and take it to the tip for you. Good for people like us who don't have access to a trailer, nor a tip.

Now, having just had the front yard cleared and cleaned up, we hired some big skips and dumped all the garbage we could find. So we had nothing on our nature strip on Sunday night.

But the neighbours did. And people drive by, see something they think might be good or useful, pick it up and off they go. Now, just so you know, this is illegal. You aren't allowed to take the stuff from the nature strip - once it's put out there, it becomes the Council's property, so by taking it, you are taking Council property (stealing).

The discussion then leads to: The person who takes the stuff - is he merely breaking the law, or is he recycling useful things? What do you think? I'd be interested to hear!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

How do you do it?

I like my job, enough to keep returning on a daily basis, enough to say thanks when the pay packet comes in. I like it enough.

I like my direct boss. It's just me and him in this office. I like that. He's pretty good as far as bosses go. Flexible, friendly, down to earth. I like the boss.

He has 5 Managers. I adore 2. Can't stand the other 3. Just can not stand them. When they ring, I wonder how I can get out of speaking with them. I don't - I always answer and I always answer nice and friendly like. But I still wonder how I can get away with avoiding their call.

There are several departments I would like to avoid. And would if I could. Yes, if I could buy that item without dealing with Purchasing I would. Yes, if I could do the mail without seeing certain people along the way, I would.

I have a time in the office that I now detest. It's generally between 8.30 and 9am, and it's when the security guard sticks his head in for a (I'm not kidding) 15 minute chat. Don't get me wrong, I like chatting with the best of them, but I'd really rather avoid these... confrontations. Today I set up the coffee machine while he hung around and watched.

How do you get by, avoiding certain people, without upsetting the order? I like being seen as a nice person, but I can't take this for much longer. I have said this in the past and I'm putting it here: these people are going to be the reason I leave my job.

And yes, I'm quite aware that it could be much worse somewhere else, but seriously, I won't have a predisposed opinion of people in a new workplace. So many years in one workplace are definitely a no-no. Time to move on.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Aussies. We're a funny lot.

I have a friend who is shorter than me, by I guess at least a foot. She calls me Munchkin.

I have another friend who is only 2 years older than me. He calls me Kiddo.

I love it.

If it were anywhere else, I'd be known as Tall Old person.

Not so much there to love.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Something so simple, but it appears there are a few people who do it. Check the rear lights of their car.

So many without brake lights, or even just one of the three working. Yesterday one with a rear indicator that wasn't working. I let him in front of me, as I saw the side blinking flashing.

Completely irresponsible and accident-in-waiting.

If I notice someone with an issue of no working lights, and I get the opportunity to tell them about it, like pulling up beside them at the traffic lights, i will always do so. I think it's a really helpful thing to do, and so far everyone has been appreciative about me doing so. Prolly thinking me a crack head all the while, but hey, if I can help them avoid a rear end collision, then crack head I continue to look.

If you own a car, please check your rear lights in a large window. It's not hard to do.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Bought some smarties the other day and noticed their colours weren't as sharp, bright or shiny as I remembered them. Then I noticed the packaging had a bold change to it. A statement written across the front "No ratificial colours or flavours"

Hmmm.... I know they are bad for you, but geez, with the artificial garbage attached, they were much prettier sweets!

Friday, July 24, 2009


And I'm ready to go home.... Let's knock this day on it's head and skeddaddle!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Work and stuff

Have been itchy footed for a while now. I don't know what I want to do, but I do know it's not this. Not in it's current state anyway.

Have been doing some thinking and am waking up to thinking about what I DO want to do, rather than focusing on what I DON'T want to do.

It would appear that I need to build up my business from the ground up, re-do website, get new business cards, then market. Get some clients happening, instead of ONE client. Mr W, I love you, but I need more clients, not just you. Three jobs in 13 months do not make a very good business for me. Having said that, feel free to keep sending me your work as needed. I will always work with you!

So...what else do I want? Other than working for myself that is. Well, I have always wanted to do one sort of work. I'm going to look into courses - it's a niche market, and I'm not too sure how even to try to find work in it, but I'm aiming for that instead.

Mind.... If I get an interview for one of the three apps currently out there, I will do my best to move on. Just being sensible.

I don't appreciate it

I can't believe it. I stood up for myself today and told someone who has been bugging me for ages to pull their head in and actually used the words "I don't appreciate this being pointed at me!"

Gah. Sometimes good to have a shirty day.

This department has been pee-ing me off for years. Finally took a bad day for me to figure out I didn't give a crap about making them feel good, but needed to have my say and to be heard and not be shut down by the manager (hah! That's a title I wouldn't give that person, but I digress) via another rude email.

I don't go out of my way to make it harder for others to do their job. Heck, I even go out of my way to help out and do stuff that (oh forbid!!!) ISN'T in my PD. Thing is, this whole dept is so bogged down by stupidity. There isn't a person in this place who hasn't been pee-ed off by them.

This will be the reason I leave my current job; dealing with these people. And yeah, sure, I'm likely to encounter similar elsewhere, but at least it will be a new face I want to punch in the nose.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Love it!!

I just found this pic on flickr while browsing. Fantastic!!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Just back from a chat with a work colleague. Why is it, everytime I say something, it gets shot down. How is it that this one person knows so much more than me. Even told me what public libraries do (hello? used to work in one, I sorta have a good idea what happens in-house)

I've gotten to the point of just shutting up during some conversations. When no matter what I say, it will be 'upped' by the other person in the conversation, it brings me down.I don't understand that mentality.

I have a close relative that likes to be the most knowing person. Even to the point of spoiling the surprise for others around. I find that annoying too. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, it's nicer to just shut up and let others enjoy what you already know. It's not important to show off how clever or knowing or intelligent you are.

I like an intelligent person, someone who *knows* their stuff. Even if the subject is boring, when you hear people speak with passion about their chosen field, it is a joy and I could sit listening to them for ages.

But when it's a know-it-all who has to one-up you on everything you say, or has to speak over you to get out their opinion on something, I get frustrated, walk away and don't feel compelled to go out of my way to chat with them again.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Trip

I have a history of whinging about my trip in to work. Yeah, not here, but on previous blogs.

Well, history be damned. It's going to be repeated yunno.

Things I've noted of late:
  • There is always one thing that will crap the crap out of you on the drive. Some days it's red lights. That was late last week for me. Every. Freakin'. Single. Red. Light. I don't know why or how it happens, but that was one drive in. Today, it was highbeamers or 4WDs up my butt with big bright lights. People. Listen to me. If you drive a 4WD and your headlights are going through the back window of the car ahead, it is ANNOYING! It is also DANGEROUS! I can't see anything when you do that. Sit back a little. Please. It won't hurt, honest! Of course, once the 4WD moved around me, I had Mr 70's Dodgy mobile with the one wonky headlight. One normal headlight, one wonky, which was directed exactly at my pupil. Gah! Park next to a plain painted building, put headlights on, then make sure they are aimed at the same place (ie straight ahead, and down on the road a little) That is what they are for - to show you where you are going, not to shine into people's eyes! Morons.
  • People in a hurry are the worst drivers. Sure you may be late, but seriously, better late than... well, you know how that one goes. They weave in and out of traffic, seriously endangering other people on the road. Hello! One of those other people on the road is MOI. Drive nicer thanks.
  • Some people think the road is theirs and theirs alone. I'm sorry, the roads have been built for everybody to use. Not just you. If I'm here in this lane, you can't indicate while BESIDE me and then start to move into the lane EXACTLY WHERE I AM. Not a hard lesson here folks. Find a gap, then indicate and start to move. If the person you are moving in front of starts to try and minimise the gap, then don't let them.
  • Oh and finally, the indicater. No, that's right indicatEr. The person who sits in a lane driving along with the speed of all the traffic, with a permanent indicator flashing on their car. Yup. We have no idea what you are doing either. Get off the road, pick up your mobile phone, dial "Learners are Us" and get some lessons. Seriously. Learn how to change lanes on a slow and a fast moving freeway. Otherwise you'll never get out. Of the lane I mean.
Finally, a funny thing I noticed the other morn. You know how there are those days where everytime you move into a moving lane, it stops and the lane you just left starts moving? Heh. I saw a bloke change lanes 3 times and it happened to his lane every single time. I was just lucky it was my lane he moved out of in the first place!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stopped in their tracks

It would appear the advertising for not stopping on train tracks isn't getting through.

I left for work this morn at 9am, after waiting to see if gout-boy (Formerly known as husband) needed me to stay home. By 9, he'd decided all was ok and he'd get through the day without me, so off I traipsed. Stopped behind the white line, as everyone ahead, like me, was turning right after the train line. Two cars ahead of me were stopped on the line.

What the? I hear you say. This is normal. Mind, I'm usually on the road around 7am, but they still do it.

I am aware that two cars or one bus will fit on the other side, so if I'm the third car in the queue, or the car behind a bus, I'll stop before the train line. It's just sensible.

I know my kids annoy me at times, but I think growing up motherless wouldn't be the solution.

Friday, June 5, 2009


How did this long weekend sneak up on me? With the little I've done today, I could have taken today off and had a 4 day weekend.

Idiot me.

Oh and HB to Mrs Windsor!

Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm always amazed when I find I'm more competent at something than other people. I mean, I find doing certain things so easy and when I have to explain to some people, I'm just floored.

Across from my office is a classroom (one of many in the building) and this one has a teamboard/smartboard installed in it. Projector in ceiling, PC in cabinet, wireless keyboard and mouse, DVD player in cabinet too. To me it's a basic set up, which should be in most classrooms these days. Have used them infrequently and only for basics, but have seen them in use by others and know how to use a PC, so the knowledge is transferable.

And the set up of using the boards is so simple. Once the PC is on and you know where you've got the projector switched on, login and it's done. Again, many find this difficult.

Simple things like logging in; your login goes here, then you go to the next box and enter your password. So many people reach for the mouse to click in the password box, where hitting the tab will move to the password. Same with most PCs. And people use these all the time at work, so though this is simple to me, it's amazing that I find so many staff here don't do as I do.

I've always said that I'm lazy, in that if there is a shortcut to be found and used, I'll be the finder of such short cuts. If it simplifies my life at work, or anywhere really, I'll do it.

I suppose I've been using a PC for years and have been online for most of that time, and the assumption that most others are at that same point as me is in my head. I guess working for me is my happiness in sharing my figured out short cuts. I try to give people a hand wherever I can.

A teacher asked me if I had a key to the cabinet for the board. I did, so I opened it up, then she looked confused, so I guided her through switching on, logging in, and working around the projector.

It's nice to sometimes be the smart one.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grocery shopping

Have been doing our grocery shopping online recently. I'm aware of the costs being higher, but right now, it seems worth it to spend that little bit extra, and to have that time instead. It's a bit of column a and column b theory; balance and all that.

Alternating between Coles and Safeway, and honestly am only sticking with Coles cos they give you the petrol voucher and we get the flybuys. Safeway's delivery costs are always lower and they seem to have a better system. Still, as a fortnightly expenditure, it's not too bad a deal.

Pick up the things we can't get via this sort of shopping from either a lunchtime walk at the local-to-work supermarket, or fresh fruit and veg from the market or local grocer on a weekend. It's not so hard to do a small shop on my own (I walk every lunchtime, so to stop at Coles for 10 mins for a single bag pick up isn't a hassle) or a small-ish shop with kids in tow.

I found it a struggle in the beginning with the extra expenditure, but now have made peace and figure I'm better off making curtains, cleaning the kitchen, cooking up meals on the weekend for the weekday dinners, or playing and reading with the kids, instead of spending precious weekend time in the supermarket and queues.

I also admit we probably save a little, as I don't impulse shop this way. I don't overspend on things we 'might' use or eat. My diet is also working, as chocolate isn't on the normal list!

How are you handling it? Are you shopping the regular way? If you have kids, do you wangle? Do you have the time? And lastly - which do you prefer of Coles and Safeway?

I admit if we were shopping normally, I'd go Aldi, then top up at the Coles in the same complex, then get FnV from the grocer in the same complex, or at the market in a separate shop. Meat would be from the bulk "Tasman Meats", which is something I've stuck to. Have to get a big freezer to be able to do more of that bulk meat shopping, and bulk weekend cooking.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Don't get it

13 years old. I know teens are thoughtless and selfish, but seriously, this is over the top. No lessons are learnt, no sense is gained, no change is seen. I can't explain it, and nobody outside myself and my husband appears to see this.

It's both killing us as individuals and it's starting to put a wall between us as we try to sort out how to deal with this child. Yes, 13, but still a child.

We'll get there. She'll finally grow up and gain some sense and some empathy and some abillity to learn a lesson. Right now it feels like this is going to go on forever and it's draining.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jean Hunt

So, this is not the life for me. If i could do it all again, I'd snub the beatches in High School and have learnt a trade. My 13 yo daughter is thinking about carpentry and she'll get nothing but praise and support from me. I have a feeling she's more like me than she thinks. Not necessarily in the bad ways too!

So. What to do. Mid to late 30s is not too late to start again, but being the person who everyone relies upon to bring steady money home is a difficult starting point. So knowing that I need to study to gain a different job is a good thing, but knowing that I have to do it part time and it'll take an age to complete shortens some of my options.

If a magical mystical world was available, I'd travel back to the 70's and become a cop. I'd make a good Gene/Jean Hunt.

Like this morning when a bloke in a magna swerved over the line a little too close to my car. I'd have noticed he was steering with one elbow, while one hand held the bottom of a bags of chips and the other was grabbing food and shoveling it into his gob. Then I noticed his numberplate was hand written with texta on a piece of particleboard strapped onto his boot. Later when I got ahead of him in traffic, I noticed he had the matching set.

Now... how would it go....

*insert dreamy music here, as I travel back in time*

"Sir what is the meaning of this numberplate set? It's illegal and you must pay this fine."
"But I didn't..."
"And what is the meaning of you swerving across lanes as you drive along a freeway, you must keep both of your hands on the steering wheel, at 10 and 2 on the clock."
"Sorry, I...."
And of course, let's remember this is the 70's, so me hitting him upside the head wouldn't be out of place.
"Oh dear. Did you slip sir? Must be that oil on the ground. So when was the last time you had this car serviced" I ask as I pull out my fine book.

Yeah, I could do that. If some magical mystical world were true.

It's not. So I need to sort out options. I'm off to look into careers counselling. Maybe someone can tell me what is out there, and what I can do with my life.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nothing much in bits

Why is it when i think of something to write here, I'm nowhere near here, and when I am here, I've forgotten all about that most important item of information....

I want to go and see Chicago on stage. Gina Riley is in it, but that isn't putting me off. She'd probably be pretty good as Matron Mama Morton. However the real drawcard for me is Caroline O'Connor, she would be awesome in the role of Velma Kelly.

Watched "Merlin" tonight. Eh. Was ok. Not terrible to have it on when the kids are around. With a couple sword stabbing deaths, not great for the kids either! Touted as PG rated, and it was pretty tame, but was a little rougher than what I'd class as Disney PG.

Mothers Day today, and a lovely day is wished to all, but really, come on, it's a Hallmark day. You know what that means. Still, I was given a lovely 'lecky blanket for a gift, and a couple little things, so I guess I'm a part of the Hallmark world.

We won our footy game today. Yay! Dogs are back on track. Would love to see the game, but I doubt they'll be showing it. That bites. An interstate game should be played on free to air, and games played in my local area should be on pay telly. I know it's all aimed at people like us in buying in for pay telly, but we refuse on that point.

Now there is a blog post I could write; Pay telly and why we refuse to get it. But eh, it's late and time to have some milk and head to bed, and I've now got a new thing to forget to write about.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Nanny needed

Our nanny is finishing up. Today was her last day, but she's happy to come and see us again next week if we haven't yet found a replacement. We've promised to hunt one up sooner than later.

Know anyone who wants to babysit our motley crew for a 1 or 2 four hour shifts per week?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hate hate HATE this ad

There is an ad for insurance RACV playing on telly at the moment. It drives me simply up the wall.

Some weird couple finishing each other's sentences and ending the ad with 'you complete me' comments. Gah! I just hate it so much. I can't explain why, it just irks me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Swedish Chef has an Uncle?

Who else but the incomporable could be the Uncle of the Swedish Chef?

This will encourage those born in the 70's to look for more clips.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Drivers please

Please. If you see me on the road in my little red car, please note the following:

Don't drive and talk on your mobile phone, with it up against your ear. Take some time to get yourself a hands free. You can go the good and cheap version at under $10. They plug into the phone and your ear and have a mini mic halfway along. Or if you are rich enough to drive a mega sized 4WD Volvo, then you should be able to afford a proper plug in kit. I organised one to be installed in the boss' new car for around $350. Yes woman in ultra large black Volvo, this is aimed at you. Alternatively it could be you, little black VW driver, who is adept at going through roundabouts with phone on ear, and also able to indicate (how many arms/hands to you have??)

Don't sit right up my crumpet while I'm cruising at a legal speed behind another bunny travelling at the same speed. I can't go faster, by law and by sense (if I go faster, I hit the bunny). When we stop at lights, I will turn and glare at you. Oh, this one was an idiot Kia driver this morn.

Final one for today; don't push in at the last minute. You know you are going to want to be in *that* lane and you may not want to get in behind me in the queue, but hey, thems the breaks. You need to be in *that* lane, do the decent thing and get in the back; just like the rest of us did. And if you happen to be on the Swan st bridge in the morn and see me travelling along, be sure to note that I won't let you merge while BESIDE me. You actually need to get at least a tiny amount of space before moving across, not just indicate and start to merge.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How do you spell frustration?

Hang out at the Diana Ferrari outlet over a period of months, watching and waiting for that sale they had; buy one pair, get 50% off the second pair. All the while searching for a pair you actually like, plus a second pair you don't mind.

Get an interview, step into the store on the day prior, find the PERFECT pair in your size (which never, ever ever happens) buy them, wear them on the day of the interview, feeling confident and boosted by the new shoes.

Drive past the outlet 2 business days later to find the sticker on the window proclaiming the sale you have been waiting for!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is the life

This is what we've imagined for a long time. We're currently sitting on our (2nd oil coated) deck, in the lovely wood chairs given to us from my MIL, both on laptops, with a glass of rose in hand (bargain $20 for half dozen, delivered)

The sun is really on it's final legs now, so it's almost time to head in. Plus the fact that I'm in a light cotton top and starting to feel that chill on my back.

*sigh* For all my whinges about the heat, I do love summer and the easy life it brings. Sitting around in the sun, enjoying a beer, relaxing with fam. That's the life.

Today we wandered to the local park this afternoon with the little ones. Little Miss climbed the ladder to the slide all on her own, even fell off once, but we got her back on that 'horse' straight away, and she rode it like that trooper she is (tearful, but brave). Little Mister was quick to follow and Elder Mister was leading the way with everything, but pushing for attention the whole time; "Am I clever too?" and "Did I do great too?" Yes to everything with him. He's my absolute gorgeous boy.

Back to work tomorrow. For today, I'm just going to enjoy this deck and my lappie and my bubbly, and shortly, some chocolate. Have a good evening all!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


It's started. The fog covered the lights along the bridge this morn.

It's heading into more clothing, heater instead of air conditioner, scarf wearing, frosty windows, steam coming out of your mouth, snuggle under the doona weather.

Prolly regret saying this within a few weeks but..... LOVE IT!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Remember this ad? Talking about it tonight, but couldn't remember what it was for.

How I met your mother

I love this show. I especially love how they have storylines that include silly things like related websites, then actually create the website.

In a recent episode (in the US), the guys were chatting about Canadian names for sex acts. Then there is a website written for this storyline!

Similar with one character who had a history in Canadian folklore: she was Robin Sparkles, Canadian pop star. Have a watch; hilarious. Makes me feel like going shopping....

Monday, March 23, 2009

Shut the heck up

When will I learn. I think I am too honest sometimes. It takes people by surprise. They go along, enjoying their life, then in the middle of some conversation with me BANG! I throw a curve ball at them and they have no idea on how to react.

I have to learn to shut up.

To you, and I know you don't read this, I say I'm sorry, I didn't mean it (yes I did), but I will never whinge to you again. Ever.

To you who do read this, well you didn't think I was a nice person did you. Yes, no question mark needed. I know the answer.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jojo Marry me

Melbournites, can you see the skywriter? Tis just above my office.

Jojo, whoever you are, what's the answer???

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's in a name

Surely I'm not the only one.

Reading an article on yet another 'celebrity' in the Hun.

Gawd, is this really a 'news' paper??

Ok, so I'm reading part of the paper and there's an article on an Aussie actress who I've never thought could act, but think I should be a little lenient, maybe I'll like her a bit more if I read about her. She's in an episode of something or other this week and speaks a little of her personal life, and it lists her kids names.

First reaction; You idiot.

Surely I'm not the only one who thinks this when reading/hearing of what people have named their kids? Ok, so a couple of mine are traditional names and a couple are a little out there, but I didn't go spazz like Gwnnie and Appltease my children. There's another shocker.

Apple and Moses. Like that's going to work for them as they get older.

"Children, we have a new little girl in our class today; Welcome to your morning tea, I mean Apple".

Come on people!! Sense!!!

I'm all for giving kids a name of their own (I love love LOVE Jack and my son was definitely going to be a Jack, but I couldn't take the fact that there was already 17 kids in our street with the same name) and having a little individuality, but there's individuality and then there is sheer stupidity.

Am I wrong? Feel free to tell me so!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Telly guides

Sitting and reading the Green Guide at lunch today.

"Whoa!" I think after reading a review on a telly show "That sounds good, when's it on, what channel?"

Gah! The damn thing is on PayTV. Not all of us have PayTV, why do they persist in putting reviews of shows in telly guides when we can't all view them. When you get PayTV, you generally get a monthly magazine with a telly guide of your own. Free to air isn't listed in this booklet.

That's too annoying. Plus they have all the good stuff.


Love this kid with all my heart, and at the same time, could use all my strength to strangle her. She is 13 years old after all (yea, one day off, doesn't count)

Early Feb we got her a yearly student pass. $410 for her to catch PT for the entire year. Not bad.

Or should that be not bad unless you were this kid. Sheesh.

Same conversation was had over a couple of days when she first got the ticket:
"You use the ticket, you put it straight in your purse. Your purse is connected to your schoolbag, so it's not likely to get lost. If you put your ticket straight in your purse after swiping it, you should never lose it, so.... you use the ticket, you put it straight in your purse" and so on. Repeat ad nauseum.

Get home last night. House is ok. People seem happy. No issues.


Called into her room.

She's got stuff lined up on the bed.

As soon as I get in there, she bursts into tears and moans something indecipherable. I can't stand this way of her 'talking', but I stick it out. Turns out she's saying something about "this is all the stuff I want to sell" then the ticket being lost comes out.

My mouth opens in surprise. Then I realise I must look like a codfish, so I close it. And walk away. Lots of shouting followed, but there is no solution yet.

She's gone to school today using her savings (which is being built up to pay off a debt - Let's call it the Freddo debt, which was incurred on the day she brought home a box of 48 large size Freddo frogs from school for fund raising, then proceeded to eat the entire box) to buy a daily ticket. I am refusing to pay for daily tickets, or for the $12 replacement of the yearly ticket. We provided her with a $410 ticket to get her through the year. She lost it, it's her responsibility to replace it.

Anyone wanting to hire a 12/almost 13 year old to do some work around their house, let me know, she's going cheap.

Actually, she's going very cheap if you want a permanent whinging fixture in your home.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Friday the 13th

Black Friday. Reminds one of Halloween images; black cats, scary demons, witches, etc.

This coming Friday is the 13th. Also happens to be our eldest's 13th birthday.

*shudder* Turning 13 on Friday the 13th. Quite apt really....

Happy Birthday Alison

Wherever you may be.

Many happy returns!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Long weekend

My RDO was on Friday, so I'm on the last few hours of my long weekend. It's sure been a long weekend.

Had Andrew stop by on Friday morning to go over our back yard for the site inspection of the deck. We need some dirt dug out of the yard where the deck will go, for air circulation beneath the deck when it's finished. Once he left I got to digging out some of the area. I did a little more than an hour, til the sun came around. The day had been forecast at 38c, and though it only got to 32 or so, doing any sort of physical exercise outdoors in the sun was not a good idea.

My brother came over on Saturday morning to lend a hand and between the three of us, we got a stack dug out and shaped around. I also got back out there just before dusk to rake some more of the dirt away from the house. This gives us a sense of where we are at, rather than the dirt sitting in piles.

This morning my love and I got back out there for around an hour. Until our normally desk sitting bodies said 'no more' and we stopped. Didn't help that it was drizzling the whole time we were out there.

It's starting to take shape. Will get some more done tomorrow, after work, but we're planning on taking Tuesday off the digging job, as it's meant to be another stinker (around 35c) plus we just need the break (or our bodies do!).

I'm back to work tomorrow and back to sitting behind a desk for a day. I'm actually enjoying putting my body through the paces of digging, picking and raking, but I have to be honest and state that if we had the money we'd pay someone else to do it!! Next time maybe...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Working progress

or should that be 'work in progress'....

The boss is applying for his job again, cos he has to. Silly rules. I like this boss. Why do he and I have to have this 'maybe' hanging over us? Sure his 'maybe' is way worse, but still, if he doesn't get the job and someone I can't work with does....


Jumping the gun and applying for a few different things now, while I've time and the drive.

Anybody need a PA?

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Tis lovely to have a nice new home, built to our specifications, even if some of our wanted specs were missed out, due to our tightened budget. But we have walls painted the colour we liked and flooring done with the type of flooring we liked, kitchen cupboards in the colour and style we fancied and even a nice big shower that suited us better then the regular square sized one you get on the plan.

Did I mention walls painted the colour we liked?

Apparently Miss K wasn't impressed and thought one wall would look much nicer with red and blue crayon swirls on it. Much to her chagrin, the ensuing shouts were not of glee at her handiwork.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our community

Our Community has packaged up in one place all the various ways people can help out and give to people affected by the Victorian bushfires through our Giving Centre - which is proudly supported by our alliance partner Westpac Bank.

The page describes where to:

  • Donate Money (Online, at Banks & Australia Post Offices);
  • Donate Time;
  • Donate Blood;
  • Donate Clothes or Furniture;
  • Donate Blankets;
  • Help Animals;
  • and more.

The page is at

This is a one-stop-shop to help out individuals and workplaces who want to contribute to the emergency and recovery efforts. Please feel free to place the link on your own websites etc and spread the word. If you would like an image for your own page you can find some downloadable images here:

Best regards,

The Our Community Team

Bushfire Emergency Appeals

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Victoria, yesterday

Such horrific scenes on the telly news last night. Thankful that for us it was just on the telly and not in our own backyard.

For those of us lucky enough to still have our house, belongings and family surrounding us, I encourage you to do what you can for those without the same. A good start is the abc site. Leave a comment with what you can help the unfortunate with.

Reading some of the comments, I realise it's not only shelter, it's also small things like toys for kids. I've offered out kids clothing, as my lucky twins clothing drawers are overflowing. If I can give someone some clothing, I'll make sure some toys are included in that package.

If you know of other links where we can contact those in need for donations, please feel free to leave a comment with a link or details and even add this to your own blog.

Friday, January 30, 2009


An imagination is a wonderful thing to have and to use, but sometimes it can be cruel, mean and downright nasty.

I, like most of my fellow Melbournians, have been thrown by the news of the man who threw his daughter off the 60 metre high Westgate bridge yesterday. She lost her life after hours of medicos trying to bring her back. She was 5 and on her way to her first day of school.

I cannot fathom what could drive someone to this. Like many other parents around the world, my children have driven me to frustration and craxed thoughts, but never, ever would I allow myself to get to this point. There is a little thing in my brain that doesn't allow for it. Unfortunately for little Darcey, her Dad didn't have this thing in his brain kick in.

I don't know all the details, but suffice to say, I'm sickened at the thought of this horrendous situation and what has happened. And my imagination is not letting it go. Constantly my thoughts stray back to this story and what happened. I don't help myself by reading up on details in the online newspapers.

My imagination be damned. I fear for her two brothers, aged 6 and 2 who witnessed their father do this to their sister. I fear what their imaginations will bring to their minds over the course of their life. I feel so bad for her mother who may now be wondering why she allowed her husband to take the kids to school, when it should have been a normal thing to have happen. The guilt this poor woman must be going through must be monstrous.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Growing up

Well it's official; eldest daughter is now a 'woman'. Ahem, well it's nicer to put it that way than stating the obvious! Or is that what I have done?


Anyway, cheers to her hormones hopefully settling down and her being a narky cow just for the PMS week of the month, instead of the whole 28 freakin' days!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Finally in the new home and have my own wireless back on. Have been able to check my email etc on hubby's little mobile connection, but never felt comfortable in downloading too much, or using it too much, so didn't get around to writing here. *sigh* another excuse :)

So, we moved on the Saturday after Boxing Day, with the help of 4 fantastic friends. Mum took the kids off our hands and that made the move a lot easier. With only the hard flooring in place, we couldn't move completely in. Hubby and I spent the first few nights on the mattress on the floor in the dining room. Our first night in the bed in the bedroom was New Years Eve, so though that was lovely, it was also a bit of a shame, as the neighbours over the road were having a NYE party in their garage, and our room is in the front of our home. So it was louder there than it would have been if we were in the dining room. Still, I think I slept better in the bed than I ever had on the mattress on the floor.

New Years Day I put eldest son's single bunks up in his room. Gave him the option of staying in the toddler bed, between the twin's cots, or of using the 'big' bed; it didn't take him long in jumping straight in the big bed and he hasn't looked back. Loves it. He's a big boy now :)

Eldest daughter is also in her own room, in a big big bed. Twins are still in cots and will be for a very long time at this point. They won't stay in bed if they aren't 'locked' in cots. They are 18 months old now. Gah! Amazing and wonderful at this age.

Eldest daughter is no longer 'seeing' her boyf. Was a little worried on the confession that she was only kissing cos he wanted to. Hmmm.... Not a good way to act, especially with a couple steps on from kissing is.... well, you know what I mean. I've told her on several occasions about using condoms etc, when it's time, but you just don't know how much sinks in. She's 13 in March, so I don't think that 'time' will be soon, but really, who knows. Kids are getting older faster these days.

So we're still waiting on a few things that we've budgeted for; blinds, alarm, fence (if the neighbour ever gets in touch to confirm he'll pay half - doesn't help he doesn't live there and is trying to sell the place), screen doors for the big sliding doors at the back of the house, but we've done well. Got the clothes line up this week, that was a freebie from freecycle, only cost us the concrete and 'plug' to insert it into the ground. Got the big table up in the dining room, that was a gift frommy brother. Got 8 chairs from IKEA to go with - they were $30 each (yes! $30) and Mum, Mum-in-Law, and Nana all pooled together and gave them to us for Xmas. Got a 2 seater and 2 big armchairs in fantastic condition from a friend for only $80. Got a letterbox for only $5 on ebay (which I've seen at Bunnings for $110). Got a second telly for the kids area from freecycle. So many freebies and gifts and lots of luck. And it was a bonus that our rental home had such a huge garage that we could store our stuff in. Things like the clothesline and dining table were in therefor around a year before we moved.

Once everything is paid off, we're going to look into our final savings amounts and see if we can afford a deck out the back of the house. The kids will be able to play outisde then, and won't go so stir crazy indoors too much.

Back to work next week. Has been a great few weeks off. Here's hoping the new longer drive won't be too draining.