Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I don't appreciate it

I can't believe it. I stood up for myself today and told someone who has been bugging me for ages to pull their head in and actually used the words "I don't appreciate this being pointed at me!"

Gah. Sometimes good to have a shirty day.

This department has been pee-ing me off for years. Finally took a bad day for me to figure out I didn't give a crap about making them feel good, but needed to have my say and to be heard and not be shut down by the manager (hah! That's a title I wouldn't give that person, but I digress) via another rude email.

I don't go out of my way to make it harder for others to do their job. Heck, I even go out of my way to help out and do stuff that (oh forbid!!!) ISN'T in my PD. Thing is, this whole dept is so bogged down by stupidity. There isn't a person in this place who hasn't been pee-ed off by them.

This will be the reason I leave my current job; dealing with these people. And yeah, sure, I'm likely to encounter similar elsewhere, but at least it will be a new face I want to punch in the nose.

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