Thursday, July 30, 2009


Something so simple, but it appears there are a few people who do it. Check the rear lights of their car.

So many without brake lights, or even just one of the three working. Yesterday one with a rear indicator that wasn't working. I let him in front of me, as I saw the side blinking flashing.

Completely irresponsible and accident-in-waiting.

If I notice someone with an issue of no working lights, and I get the opportunity to tell them about it, like pulling up beside them at the traffic lights, i will always do so. I think it's a really helpful thing to do, and so far everyone has been appreciative about me doing so. Prolly thinking me a crack head all the while, but hey, if I can help them avoid a rear end collision, then crack head I continue to look.

If you own a car, please check your rear lights in a large window. It's not hard to do.

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Jayne said...

When I was driving (and owned a car) I would certainly have appreciated someone telling me if any of my brake/tail lights were out :)