Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How do you spell frustration?

Hang out at the Diana Ferrari outlet over a period of months, watching and waiting for that sale they had; buy one pair, get 50% off the second pair. All the while searching for a pair you actually like, plus a second pair you don't mind.

Get an interview, step into the store on the day prior, find the PERFECT pair in your size (which never, ever ever happens) buy them, wear them on the day of the interview, feeling confident and boosted by the new shoes.

Drive past the outlet 2 business days later to find the sticker on the window proclaiming the sale you have been waiting for!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is the life

This is what we've imagined for a long time. We're currently sitting on our (2nd oil coated) deck, in the lovely wood chairs given to us from my MIL, both on laptops, with a glass of rose in hand (bargain $20 for half dozen, delivered)

The sun is really on it's final legs now, so it's almost time to head in. Plus the fact that I'm in a light cotton top and starting to feel that chill on my back.

*sigh* For all my whinges about the heat, I do love summer and the easy life it brings. Sitting around in the sun, enjoying a beer, relaxing with fam. That's the life.

Today we wandered to the local park this afternoon with the little ones. Little Miss climbed the ladder to the slide all on her own, even fell off once, but we got her back on that 'horse' straight away, and she rode it like that trooper she is (tearful, but brave). Little Mister was quick to follow and Elder Mister was leading the way with everything, but pushing for attention the whole time; "Am I clever too?" and "Did I do great too?" Yes to everything with him. He's my absolute gorgeous boy.

Back to work tomorrow. For today, I'm just going to enjoy this deck and my lappie and my bubbly, and shortly, some chocolate. Have a good evening all!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


It's started. The fog covered the lights along the bridge this morn.

It's heading into more clothing, heater instead of air conditioner, scarf wearing, frosty windows, steam coming out of your mouth, snuggle under the doona weather.

Prolly regret saying this within a few weeks but..... LOVE IT!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Remember this ad? Talking about it tonight, but couldn't remember what it was for.

How I met your mother

I love this show. I especially love how they have storylines that include silly things like related websites, then actually create the website.

In a recent episode (in the US), the guys were chatting about Canadian names for sex acts. Then there is a website written for this storyline!

Similar with one character who had a history in Canadian folklore: she was Robin Sparkles, Canadian pop star. Have a watch; hilarious. Makes me feel like going shopping....

Monday, March 23, 2009

Shut the heck up

When will I learn. I think I am too honest sometimes. It takes people by surprise. They go along, enjoying their life, then in the middle of some conversation with me BANG! I throw a curve ball at them and they have no idea on how to react.

I have to learn to shut up.

To you, and I know you don't read this, I say I'm sorry, I didn't mean it (yes I did), but I will never whinge to you again. Ever.

To you who do read this, well you didn't think I was a nice person did you. Yes, no question mark needed. I know the answer.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jojo Marry me

Melbournites, can you see the skywriter? Tis just above my office.

Jojo, whoever you are, what's the answer???

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's in a name

Surely I'm not the only one.

Reading an article on yet another 'celebrity' in the Hun.

Gawd, is this really a 'news' paper??

Ok, so I'm reading part of the paper and there's an article on an Aussie actress who I've never thought could act, but think I should be a little lenient, maybe I'll like her a bit more if I read about her. She's in an episode of something or other this week and speaks a little of her personal life, and it lists her kids names.

First reaction; You idiot.

Surely I'm not the only one who thinks this when reading/hearing of what people have named their kids? Ok, so a couple of mine are traditional names and a couple are a little out there, but I didn't go spazz like Gwnnie and Appltease my children. There's another shocker.

Apple and Moses. Like that's going to work for them as they get older.

"Children, we have a new little girl in our class today; Welcome to your morning tea, I mean Apple".

Come on people!! Sense!!!

I'm all for giving kids a name of their own (I love love LOVE Jack and my son was definitely going to be a Jack, but I couldn't take the fact that there was already 17 kids in our street with the same name) and having a little individuality, but there's individuality and then there is sheer stupidity.

Am I wrong? Feel free to tell me so!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Telly guides

Sitting and reading the Green Guide at lunch today.

"Whoa!" I think after reading a review on a telly show "That sounds good, when's it on, what channel?"

Gah! The damn thing is on PayTV. Not all of us have PayTV, why do they persist in putting reviews of shows in telly guides when we can't all view them. When you get PayTV, you generally get a monthly magazine with a telly guide of your own. Free to air isn't listed in this booklet.

That's too annoying. Plus they have all the good stuff.


Love this kid with all my heart, and at the same time, could use all my strength to strangle her. She is 13 years old after all (yea, one day off, doesn't count)

Early Feb we got her a yearly student pass. $410 for her to catch PT for the entire year. Not bad.

Or should that be not bad unless you were this kid. Sheesh.

Same conversation was had over a couple of days when she first got the ticket:
"You use the ticket, you put it straight in your purse. Your purse is connected to your schoolbag, so it's not likely to get lost. If you put your ticket straight in your purse after swiping it, you should never lose it, so.... you use the ticket, you put it straight in your purse" and so on. Repeat ad nauseum.

Get home last night. House is ok. People seem happy. No issues.


Called into her room.

She's got stuff lined up on the bed.

As soon as I get in there, she bursts into tears and moans something indecipherable. I can't stand this way of her 'talking', but I stick it out. Turns out she's saying something about "this is all the stuff I want to sell" then the ticket being lost comes out.

My mouth opens in surprise. Then I realise I must look like a codfish, so I close it. And walk away. Lots of shouting followed, but there is no solution yet.

She's gone to school today using her savings (which is being built up to pay off a debt - Let's call it the Freddo debt, which was incurred on the day she brought home a box of 48 large size Freddo frogs from school for fund raising, then proceeded to eat the entire box) to buy a daily ticket. I am refusing to pay for daily tickets, or for the $12 replacement of the yearly ticket. We provided her with a $410 ticket to get her through the year. She lost it, it's her responsibility to replace it.

Anyone wanting to hire a 12/almost 13 year old to do some work around their house, let me know, she's going cheap.

Actually, she's going very cheap if you want a permanent whinging fixture in your home.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Friday the 13th

Black Friday. Reminds one of Halloween images; black cats, scary demons, witches, etc.

This coming Friday is the 13th. Also happens to be our eldest's 13th birthday.

*shudder* Turning 13 on Friday the 13th. Quite apt really....

Happy Birthday Alison

Wherever you may be.

Many happy returns!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Long weekend

My RDO was on Friday, so I'm on the last few hours of my long weekend. It's sure been a long weekend.

Had Andrew stop by on Friday morning to go over our back yard for the site inspection of the deck. We need some dirt dug out of the yard where the deck will go, for air circulation beneath the deck when it's finished. Once he left I got to digging out some of the area. I did a little more than an hour, til the sun came around. The day had been forecast at 38c, and though it only got to 32 or so, doing any sort of physical exercise outdoors in the sun was not a good idea.

My brother came over on Saturday morning to lend a hand and between the three of us, we got a stack dug out and shaped around. I also got back out there just before dusk to rake some more of the dirt away from the house. This gives us a sense of where we are at, rather than the dirt sitting in piles.

This morning my love and I got back out there for around an hour. Until our normally desk sitting bodies said 'no more' and we stopped. Didn't help that it was drizzling the whole time we were out there.

It's starting to take shape. Will get some more done tomorrow, after work, but we're planning on taking Tuesday off the digging job, as it's meant to be another stinker (around 35c) plus we just need the break (or our bodies do!).

I'm back to work tomorrow and back to sitting behind a desk for a day. I'm actually enjoying putting my body through the paces of digging, picking and raking, but I have to be honest and state that if we had the money we'd pay someone else to do it!! Next time maybe...