Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's in a name

Surely I'm not the only one.

Reading an article on yet another 'celebrity' in the Hun.

Gawd, is this really a 'news' paper??

Ok, so I'm reading part of the paper and there's an article on an Aussie actress who I've never thought could act, but think I should be a little lenient, maybe I'll like her a bit more if I read about her. She's in an episode of something or other this week and speaks a little of her personal life, and it lists her kids names.

First reaction; You idiot.

Surely I'm not the only one who thinks this when reading/hearing of what people have named their kids? Ok, so a couple of mine are traditional names and a couple are a little out there, but I didn't go spazz like Gwnnie and Appltease my children. There's another shocker.

Apple and Moses. Like that's going to work for them as they get older.

"Children, we have a new little girl in our class today; Welcome to your morning tea, I mean Apple".

Come on people!! Sense!!!

I'm all for giving kids a name of their own (I love love LOVE Jack and my son was definitely going to be a Jack, but I couldn't take the fact that there was already 17 kids in our street with the same name) and having a little individuality, but there's individuality and then there is sheer stupidity.

Am I wrong? Feel free to tell me so!!

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Ren said...

Feel sorry for me. I love the name Leigh.

With my new surname, it's just not going to work. *siiiigh*