Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is the life

This is what we've imagined for a long time. We're currently sitting on our (2nd oil coated) deck, in the lovely wood chairs given to us from my MIL, both on laptops, with a glass of rose in hand (bargain $20 for half dozen, delivered)

The sun is really on it's final legs now, so it's almost time to head in. Plus the fact that I'm in a light cotton top and starting to feel that chill on my back.

*sigh* For all my whinges about the heat, I do love summer and the easy life it brings. Sitting around in the sun, enjoying a beer, relaxing with fam. That's the life.

Today we wandered to the local park this afternoon with the little ones. Little Miss climbed the ladder to the slide all on her own, even fell off once, but we got her back on that 'horse' straight away, and she rode it like that trooper she is (tearful, but brave). Little Mister was quick to follow and Elder Mister was leading the way with everything, but pushing for attention the whole time; "Am I clever too?" and "Did I do great too?" Yes to everything with him. He's my absolute gorgeous boy.

Back to work tomorrow. For today, I'm just going to enjoy this deck and my lappie and my bubbly, and shortly, some chocolate. Have a good evening all!

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Andrew said...

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