Sunday, March 1, 2009

Long weekend

My RDO was on Friday, so I'm on the last few hours of my long weekend. It's sure been a long weekend.

Had Andrew stop by on Friday morning to go over our back yard for the site inspection of the deck. We need some dirt dug out of the yard where the deck will go, for air circulation beneath the deck when it's finished. Once he left I got to digging out some of the area. I did a little more than an hour, til the sun came around. The day had been forecast at 38c, and though it only got to 32 or so, doing any sort of physical exercise outdoors in the sun was not a good idea.

My brother came over on Saturday morning to lend a hand and between the three of us, we got a stack dug out and shaped around. I also got back out there just before dusk to rake some more of the dirt away from the house. This gives us a sense of where we are at, rather than the dirt sitting in piles.

This morning my love and I got back out there for around an hour. Until our normally desk sitting bodies said 'no more' and we stopped. Didn't help that it was drizzling the whole time we were out there.

It's starting to take shape. Will get some more done tomorrow, after work, but we're planning on taking Tuesday off the digging job, as it's meant to be another stinker (around 35c) plus we just need the break (or our bodies do!).

I'm back to work tomorrow and back to sitting behind a desk for a day. I'm actually enjoying putting my body through the paces of digging, picking and raking, but I have to be honest and state that if we had the money we'd pay someone else to do it!! Next time maybe...

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jenu said...

Well if you ever need a hand you know who to call.

I'm not exactly a beefcake though so I'm not sure how much of a help I would be.