Monday, May 17, 2010


I am pathetic at updating this. I think I shall dump it. There is no point. I put short updates on my FB. That's enough for me these days. Plus even when I want to have a whinge, by the time I get to a PC I have forgotten.

Before I go, I have a few things to write about;

Just back from a well earned break and was happy and good and loved all again. For one day. Today, third day back from break, I'm ready to slap people again. How are people so bloody stupid. Last time I pointed out who I was whinging about, I got burned and completely shut down my blog. So even with me dumping this, I won't name names. I am over it though. Ready to chuck my job, sell the house and move interstate to country (insert other state here). Anywhere.

Melbourne drivers are incredibly inconsiderate. They just don't give a hoot. And I'm over it. So many people are above the law, and think they are more important than anyone else on the road. Yunno, the road was built from point a to point b and you are NOT the only person travelling between these two points. Yes, that red light means stop. Not just for me, but for everyone facing it. Lines on the road? Yup, there for a reason, stay on the side of yours you idiot. Oh wow, you have a 4WD, how fabulously expensive for you, how about you turn your headlights off while sitting behind me in my regular height sedan? Oh and my current fave? No, while you are on the freeway, you can't merge left onto the on ramp then merge back into the left lane further up. This is ILLEGAL you dickhead.

16 yo Jessica Watson. Love her. She is 16 and got off her butt and did something incredible. I don't care if it doesn't fit the bill for a record. She is amazing.

Bulldogs - disapointed you are 5 and 3. Should be better than that. Then again, you are 4th on the ladder this week, so I should be happier.

T and kids - love you all. You know this and don't need me to write about it here. Esp when I could be doing stuff with you instead of sitting at a PC telling the world how wonderful you are.

World, if you know me and are my friend on FB, I'll catch you there. Otherwise, Adios!