Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'm a big fan of freecycle. In a nutshell, freecycle is an online community you join to give and gain usable items no longer wanted/needed. So imagine you open your cupboards and think "This breadmaker taking up space in my cupboard is no longer needed by me. It still works fine, so it would be a waste to toss it into landfill." You can offer it out on freecycle. Person who does want it comes and picks it up from you. No cost to you, them (other than their transport) and more importantly - the earth.

All good.

Recently I've seen a couple people offering out bassinette mattresses. Now this is all good and fine, but the guidelines on bassinette mattresses is that they shouldn't be used for more than one baby. No idea what this is about, the reasoning behind it (SIDS maybe?) but then got to thinking, if there isn't a real reason behind it, why is it known? Why is it I bought new ones for each of my little ones?

Is there a real reason to buy a new bassinette mattress with each baby, or is it simply some sort of scare tactics to make parents buy new each time. Generally you would be looking at $10-$50 for a suitable piece of foam mattress, so not a huge outlay (esp if you are cheap like me and go the $10 version) but really... is there a reason?

I'm off to google hoaxes etc and find out why. If indeed it can be found out online. If you know why a new mattress should be used, please tell me in the comments. And also, if the same holds true for a cot/bed mattress.

** Just thought - bassinette mattresses are generally foam, where cot and bed mattresses are generally innersprung. Hmmm..... Off to snopes/google!

Monday, October 19, 2009


I'm a bit hopeless at updating this, but hey, it's my 'get that crap off your chest, so you don't explode at people' place, so I'll keep going for now. Don't know for how long.

Just thought I'd mention I'm not normally this grumpy. As stated above, this is where I have a bit of a hissy fit/whinge/rant/etc, so I may sound like a really grumpy ole woman, but I think I can be seen with a smile or cheeky grin on my face more often than a frown.

I'd like to think so anyway!

Anyway, you can think what you like I suppose. I don't know you, you don't know me, you sometimes read something that I write and that is as far as our relationship goes. :P

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Losing myself

Happy to follow up from 14th Sept post; 1.5kg down. For a person who drifts up and down the scales to see a definite drop each week to get to a solid 1.5kg down in 4 weeks is ok. Not bad.

If I was being 'exceptionally' good, I reckon I'd be double that down, but hey, I'm still enjoying life, I'm still having pizza for dinner when T cooks it, enjoying some chippies with the kids when we open a bag, but the thing is, I'm having less slices of pizza and a smaller bowl for my share of the chippies. It's just being sensible.

I've also lessened the alcohol intake. But again, if I'm at a 'do' or somewhere to relax and enjoy a drink, I will. If we have friends over, I'll relax with a beer or wine.

I'm more likely to have a drink of water at my desk and drink during the day, have been known to buy a 2 litre bottle of soda water (so much easier to drink when water has bubbles in it) and drink it while at work that day. I think my local-to-work Coles is running low on their $1.11 Homebrand 2 litre bottles. My fault and I'm glad of that!!

I have had some white chocolate with the hubby and our evening cuppa warm (lite) milk, but sticking to the one row per sitting, as opposed to my past 3 rows, then going back for more.

So we'll plod on. Hopefully in 4 more weeks time, I'll be recording another 1.5kg drop.