Monday, November 30, 2009


I listen to Vega, especially the brekkie show. it was Dicko, Dave and Chrissy, but Chrissy has just been sacked, so as of this morning, it's just Dicko and Dave.

I think they've lost more by losing her than what they have gained by her sacking. I know the story went out that it was due to the fact that the station was losing money, but the show was missing that female touch this morn and I think that may be more of a loss than they expected.

Only this week to go before they finish up, so I'll keep listening. Then I'll listen to the pod more often. Maybe I'll take up my brother's suggestion of listening to podcasts. Or talking books.

We'll see.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm currently reading "Sins of the Brother". It's (according to the subtitle) the "Definitive story of Ivan Milat and the backpacker murders".

Now I don't know if you've seen Wolf Creek, but I have and it was scary. Not so much the horror of the film, that isn't it, it's more the thought that these things really did and have happened.

I'm only just getting into Part two of the book, which within the first 2 chapters has already gotten in to the 'guts' of what that man's life was like. Part one was more about his childhood, his family life, and the lives of his family.

I think what I'm more frightened of is the fact that someone thought it was ok to do this to people. Not what they did, but that they thought it was ok. I mean, what they did was horrific, but that someone thought this was a fair thing to do to another living human being.... and to think up doing these sorts of things in the first place... well.

Have to admit, it's a good bedtime read though. I like reading biographies and autobiographies most of all, and this one is quite thorough in it's telling.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


it's been over a month since I wrote here - that's terrible. This is why I stopped blogging in the first place; lack of update-ability.

Mostly a lack of time, but also a lack of things to say. I guess tweeting would suit me, as I can generally update my FB status with a sentence or two and that sates me, but I refuse to tweet. Not my cuppa tea actually. Strangely enough....

Anyway, my pre-NYE resolution is to write more often, even if it's about naught. Practice the writing skill thingie.