Saturday, November 29, 2008

Now I remember...

Now I remember why I stopped writing. Cos when I think of something to write, I'm not near a PC and when I'm near one, I've nothing to write about!

Now, the past week... Yes, that reason for grumpiness turned up. Early, but better then than today, as I've a wedding today and it's bad enough to have that when I'm in jeans, in a dress, it's so much worse.

I've just showered, but will prolly shower again when getting dressed for the wedding. I've not yet shaved my legs (ugh, can't got out like this!) but I washed my hair, so it wasn't a total waste. I can shave my legs later without a shower, but I will need to get in there to rinse off regardless. Ugh, I've a feeling that is a little TMI.

Anyway, nails still to paint (hands and feet) and then it's dress, make up, hair, drive.

Dropped eldest off at school this morn, as she is off on the Great Vic Bike Ride with the school. There's 9 days of no yelling about dishes not done, bins not emptied, room still a pig sty and homework never completed. Thank goodness it's the end of the year. I couldn't take much more of that homework yelling bit. :)

Mum's watching the kids for us, so she's a little peeved that it's clashed with the bike ride, as she thinks the eldest helps. Heh, we feel the complete opposite and know it'll be quieter and more peaceful without the whingy one around.

Ooh - take a break...

And we're back, with shorter hair. Sick of the same look, I just cut it in a blunt bob, with a bit of help from the hubby. I did the sides and he matched up the back across. A little neater. I had it cut at the hairdresser earlier this month and though she did just as I asked, I wasn't so happy with it. I had wanted a change then, but too chicken, so had just asked for a trim. And she did a perfect job again, just as I asked.

Well, off to ready some more for the wedding. *sigh* Poor thing hasn't got the good weather for the outdoor celebration, but it's not a day about the weather, it's about the people. Hope they have a lovely day!

Monday, November 24, 2008

ebay follies

Just got this idiot question in my ebay:

Dear ebay username,

Where is your suburb near?

- moron #8492

Now, idiots who can’t use their initiative enough to a) pick up a melways and look up a suburb or b) jump online to look on google maps aren’t worth my time nor my ebay items for sale.

*sigh* You just KNOW I'm going to be polite and respond properly, hoping to make a sale, but geez... I just wish I could write something entirely sarcastic!! What would you write?

Friday, November 21, 2008

That week

You know it's that week when:
  • you want chocolate
  • you are in an unexplainable foul mood
  • you want to yell at that idiot pushing a single pram right at you to bugger off and explain how you can handle a twin pram with one hand better than they can do it with two hands and one baby
  • you want to smack that person wearing white framed sunglasses in the back of the head
  • you want chocolate
  • you feel like slashing the tyres of that house on wheels, AKA 4WD, just cos there is a single person in the car and they parked on the footpath, just before you got to the point where they parked
  • you want to yell at all house on wheels drivers on the road
  • you want chocolate.
so yeah, kinda feeling sorry for the bloke at home right now, and am planning on not being near him, just for his own safety....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Op Shopping 1

Savers, Brunswick (Sydney Road):

Went to this one on Saturday morning with a girlfriend. Huge amount of clothes, sorted in groups of gender, age and style, ie boys/womens long sleeved tops/pants, etc. If you've been to one Savers, you've been to them all, set out wise. Having said that this one is big, way bigger than my normal store in Footscray.

Great mix of clothing on racks. Not so great is the collection of furniture and large items. I've seen better and bigger collections in smaller stores. Also with a tandem pram, it was easy to get around the aisles of clothes, but the 'big item' section was impossible. I would have liked to have gotten up the aisles there, but there was no room for me and the babes, and I couldn't have left them alone - somebody may have bought them, 2 for the price of 1!

One big tick is this store puts the price tags on with a length of plastic strip, much like what you'd find in a department store. Footscray staples the price tags on and I've found this can sometimes pull a thread through fabric.

1 What did I buy?
Some shorts for eldest son and a project tube for eldest daughter
2 Would I return?
Yup. Good collection of 'stuff'. Would like to go back sans pram.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A page in history

I started my full time working life in a library. I went from a casual checkout chick to a library officer in a public library. It never ceases to amaze me just how good this beginning was.

If you want to do the same thing today, it would not be so easy. Basically there are 3 levels of staff in libraries: librarians, library technicians and library officers. Librarians study at Uni for 3-4 years, library techs study at TAFE for a few years and library officers can walk in off the street. Well, used to be able to. Now you need a library tech qualification to do a library officer position! And for the same sh!tkicker money I was earning. Ridiculous.

Anyway, point of the tale is how this basis in the library system has stayed with me. All those years of shelving.... I can generally still walk to the correct place in the non-fiction section for what I'm looking for.

Eldest had a Ned Kelly assignment and came home with a big fat adult non fiction generic Australian History title. She was sitting there whinging (her normal behaviour, but I digress) about how there was nothing about good ole Ned in the tome. I had a quick flick through and agreed there was very little in there and asked why she took this book and not one of the numerous I knew would have been on the shelf that were more aimed at her reading level. There wasn't anything else there, she wailed back.

Took her back to the library and straight to the right place on the shelf and quickly located 2 books that were easier to read (classed as junior non-fiction) and just on Ned, rather than the generic Aussie history type.

It wasn't until the other day that I remembered this situation and actually got a little surprised at how many Deweys I remember. Not perfectly down to the last point, but close enough for me to be able to find what I need. Here's a few that I could come up with:
  • Dictionaries 423
  • Travel 913-919 (Australian stuff is 919)
  • Atlas 912
  • Sport 796
  • Computing 004
  • Australian history 994
  • Cookery ... ooh I've lost this one for the minute....5something...
  • Novels, literature 880
  • Gardening 635
  • oh - cookery is 641, not 500 and something
  • Crafts 745....
Not this list is not that extensive, but cutting to a situation where I need to find something for a kid in project mode, I think I'd be a pretty good person to help them out if there wasn't a catalogue available.

With an online catalogue available, I'm even better!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do you know Santa?

I have a work colleague named Santa. She sent me an email joke, which was subsequently sent on to another friend. I always delete the original email information, but this was a scrabble type email, where you get a list of words, change one letter of the last word on the list and forward it on to someone else to do the same and rinse, repeat.

The someone else I sent it to then asked me:

Are you friends with Santa?

I thought I'd have a bit of fun and replied:

Oh yeah, he brings my kids presents every year.

She played along with:
How did that come to be?

Course, then the smart alec in me came out with:
Well you dress the kids nice, a cute outfit you may have or you buy one specially for the time, and you take them to the local shopping centre. When you get there, you argue with your eldest that she looks pretty and not to scrunch up her face when she smiles, and you tell your 3 year old that Santa is lovely and he'll bring Chrissy pressies if he smiles nice for the picture. You don't worry so much about the little ones, as they don't care and generally will sit with anyone for a photo, but now that they are around a year and a half, you just know the girl will freak out and the boy may drool on the jolly fat bloke.

Then you hope for a nice pic and you thank the photographer, pay them a ridiculous fee for the privilege of standing in a queue for an hour and a half for a crappy 4x6 photo.

A week or two later you wake up and there are presents under the tree. You didn't put them there, you know damn well your hubby had nothing to do with it, so you assume that this bloke in a red suit broke into your house around midnight the night before and left them there, after swilling down all of brandy and any biscuits that you may have left about. I have a feeling he feeds the carrots from my kitchen to his pet reindeers, but I don't have proof of that just yet.

Don't you know him too? What happens to you on Christmas morn? Receive a piece of coal?