Saturday, November 29, 2008

Now I remember...

Now I remember why I stopped writing. Cos when I think of something to write, I'm not near a PC and when I'm near one, I've nothing to write about!

Now, the past week... Yes, that reason for grumpiness turned up. Early, but better then than today, as I've a wedding today and it's bad enough to have that when I'm in jeans, in a dress, it's so much worse.

I've just showered, but will prolly shower again when getting dressed for the wedding. I've not yet shaved my legs (ugh, can't got out like this!) but I washed my hair, so it wasn't a total waste. I can shave my legs later without a shower, but I will need to get in there to rinse off regardless. Ugh, I've a feeling that is a little TMI.

Anyway, nails still to paint (hands and feet) and then it's dress, make up, hair, drive.

Dropped eldest off at school this morn, as she is off on the Great Vic Bike Ride with the school. There's 9 days of no yelling about dishes not done, bins not emptied, room still a pig sty and homework never completed. Thank goodness it's the end of the year. I couldn't take much more of that homework yelling bit. :)

Mum's watching the kids for us, so she's a little peeved that it's clashed with the bike ride, as she thinks the eldest helps. Heh, we feel the complete opposite and know it'll be quieter and more peaceful without the whingy one around.

Ooh - take a break...

And we're back, with shorter hair. Sick of the same look, I just cut it in a blunt bob, with a bit of help from the hubby. I did the sides and he matched up the back across. A little neater. I had it cut at the hairdresser earlier this month and though she did just as I asked, I wasn't so happy with it. I had wanted a change then, but too chicken, so had just asked for a trim. And she did a perfect job again, just as I asked.

Well, off to ready some more for the wedding. *sigh* Poor thing hasn't got the good weather for the outdoor celebration, but it's not a day about the weather, it's about the people. Hope they have a lovely day!


Star said...

I did some reading up on the Vic Bike Ride. What a trip! Nine days on a bike. And is she going with a school group.That is outstanding. She should blog about it.

Raelene said...

Oh wow, if I would allow her that close to a PC, she'd do nothing but blog. I don't think the world is ready for her!!