Friday, November 21, 2008

That week

You know it's that week when:
  • you want chocolate
  • you are in an unexplainable foul mood
  • you want to yell at that idiot pushing a single pram right at you to bugger off and explain how you can handle a twin pram with one hand better than they can do it with two hands and one baby
  • you want to smack that person wearing white framed sunglasses in the back of the head
  • you want chocolate
  • you feel like slashing the tyres of that house on wheels, AKA 4WD, just cos there is a single person in the car and they parked on the footpath, just before you got to the point where they parked
  • you want to yell at all house on wheels drivers on the road
  • you want chocolate.
so yeah, kinda feeling sorry for the bloke at home right now, and am planning on not being near him, just for his own safety....

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