Sunday, November 16, 2008

Op Shopping 1

Savers, Brunswick (Sydney Road):

Went to this one on Saturday morning with a girlfriend. Huge amount of clothes, sorted in groups of gender, age and style, ie boys/womens long sleeved tops/pants, etc. If you've been to one Savers, you've been to them all, set out wise. Having said that this one is big, way bigger than my normal store in Footscray.

Great mix of clothing on racks. Not so great is the collection of furniture and large items. I've seen better and bigger collections in smaller stores. Also with a tandem pram, it was easy to get around the aisles of clothes, but the 'big item' section was impossible. I would have liked to have gotten up the aisles there, but there was no room for me and the babes, and I couldn't have left them alone - somebody may have bought them, 2 for the price of 1!

One big tick is this store puts the price tags on with a length of plastic strip, much like what you'd find in a department store. Footscray staples the price tags on and I've found this can sometimes pull a thread through fabric.

1 What did I buy?
Some shorts for eldest son and a project tube for eldest daughter
2 Would I return?
Yup. Good collection of 'stuff'. Would like to go back sans pram.

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