Thursday, March 12, 2009


Love this kid with all my heart, and at the same time, could use all my strength to strangle her. She is 13 years old after all (yea, one day off, doesn't count)

Early Feb we got her a yearly student pass. $410 for her to catch PT for the entire year. Not bad.

Or should that be not bad unless you were this kid. Sheesh.

Same conversation was had over a couple of days when she first got the ticket:
"You use the ticket, you put it straight in your purse. Your purse is connected to your schoolbag, so it's not likely to get lost. If you put your ticket straight in your purse after swiping it, you should never lose it, so.... you use the ticket, you put it straight in your purse" and so on. Repeat ad nauseum.

Get home last night. House is ok. People seem happy. No issues.


Called into her room.

She's got stuff lined up on the bed.

As soon as I get in there, she bursts into tears and moans something indecipherable. I can't stand this way of her 'talking', but I stick it out. Turns out she's saying something about "this is all the stuff I want to sell" then the ticket being lost comes out.

My mouth opens in surprise. Then I realise I must look like a codfish, so I close it. And walk away. Lots of shouting followed, but there is no solution yet.

She's gone to school today using her savings (which is being built up to pay off a debt - Let's call it the Freddo debt, which was incurred on the day she brought home a box of 48 large size Freddo frogs from school for fund raising, then proceeded to eat the entire box) to buy a daily ticket. I am refusing to pay for daily tickets, or for the $12 replacement of the yearly ticket. We provided her with a $410 ticket to get her through the year. She lost it, it's her responsibility to replace it.

Anyone wanting to hire a 12/almost 13 year old to do some work around their house, let me know, she's going cheap.

Actually, she's going very cheap if you want a permanent whinging fixture in your home.


Star said...

The teenage years for daughters are not the easiest to get through. But the rewards are great.
And remember, she'll probably have kids one day. Sweet revenge.

Ren said...

Sorry, I read the Freddo debt and just had a bloody big belly laugh. You can tell the eldest that Ren did exactly the same thing. Possibly more than once... Ahem.

She's a sweet girl, a little silly sometimes but still a sweet girl.

I think you can get a replacement for your lost pass. I remember looking after my pass used to give me conniptions on a regular basis, though I never lost it.

Hope she had a good birthday anyway!