Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grocery shopping

Have been doing our grocery shopping online recently. I'm aware of the costs being higher, but right now, it seems worth it to spend that little bit extra, and to have that time instead. It's a bit of column a and column b theory; balance and all that.

Alternating between Coles and Safeway, and honestly am only sticking with Coles cos they give you the petrol voucher and we get the flybuys. Safeway's delivery costs are always lower and they seem to have a better system. Still, as a fortnightly expenditure, it's not too bad a deal.

Pick up the things we can't get via this sort of shopping from either a lunchtime walk at the local-to-work supermarket, or fresh fruit and veg from the market or local grocer on a weekend. It's not so hard to do a small shop on my own (I walk every lunchtime, so to stop at Coles for 10 mins for a single bag pick up isn't a hassle) or a small-ish shop with kids in tow.

I found it a struggle in the beginning with the extra expenditure, but now have made peace and figure I'm better off making curtains, cleaning the kitchen, cooking up meals on the weekend for the weekday dinners, or playing and reading with the kids, instead of spending precious weekend time in the supermarket and queues.

I also admit we probably save a little, as I don't impulse shop this way. I don't overspend on things we 'might' use or eat. My diet is also working, as chocolate isn't on the normal list!

How are you handling it? Are you shopping the regular way? If you have kids, do you wangle? Do you have the time? And lastly - which do you prefer of Coles and Safeway?

I admit if we were shopping normally, I'd go Aldi, then top up at the Coles in the same complex, then get FnV from the grocer in the same complex, or at the market in a separate shop. Meat would be from the bulk "Tasman Meats", which is something I've stuck to. Have to get a big freezer to be able to do more of that bulk meat shopping, and bulk weekend cooking.


Andrew said...

Once a week, then little bits and pieces along the way. Check specials and shop in both Safeway and Coles. I perhaps prefer Coles, but much of muchness.

Daniel said...

Aldi every couple of weeks to stock up on stuff. Greengrocer on Sunday, Safeway (location is better) on Sunday night, and again on the way home during the week if I forget stuff!

A W Malloy said...

I just get the wife to do it all.

Ren said...

Off to the local Coles a couple times a week and a big shop whenever the cupboard gets bare. We've been running stuff down and preempting the move but the more I go to the shops, the more chocolate milk I buy. Not good for ye olde wobbly belly.

jenu said...

We shop as we need during the week for bits and pieces. We have a freezer out the back and about every two months go to the markets and stock up on meat. Sundays we sort of discuss what we'll have during the week, and get the vegies as we need. But we mostly have 'two night' meals. And we shop at Coles, both are well within walking distance but Coles is slightly closer.