Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jean Hunt

So, this is not the life for me. If i could do it all again, I'd snub the beatches in High School and have learnt a trade. My 13 yo daughter is thinking about carpentry and she'll get nothing but praise and support from me. I have a feeling she's more like me than she thinks. Not necessarily in the bad ways too!

So. What to do. Mid to late 30s is not too late to start again, but being the person who everyone relies upon to bring steady money home is a difficult starting point. So knowing that I need to study to gain a different job is a good thing, but knowing that I have to do it part time and it'll take an age to complete shortens some of my options.

If a magical mystical world was available, I'd travel back to the 70's and become a cop. I'd make a good Gene/Jean Hunt.

Like this morning when a bloke in a magna swerved over the line a little too close to my car. I'd have noticed he was steering with one elbow, while one hand held the bottom of a bags of chips and the other was grabbing food and shoveling it into his gob. Then I noticed his numberplate was hand written with texta on a piece of particleboard strapped onto his boot. Later when I got ahead of him in traffic, I noticed he had the matching set.

Now... how would it go....

*insert dreamy music here, as I travel back in time*

"Sir what is the meaning of this numberplate set? It's illegal and you must pay this fine."
"But I didn't..."
"And what is the meaning of you swerving across lanes as you drive along a freeway, you must keep both of your hands on the steering wheel, at 10 and 2 on the clock."
"Sorry, I...."
And of course, let's remember this is the 70's, so me hitting him upside the head wouldn't be out of place.
"Oh dear. Did you slip sir? Must be that oil on the ground. So when was the last time you had this car serviced" I ask as I pull out my fine book.

Yeah, I could do that. If some magical mystical world were true.

It's not. So I need to sort out options. I'm off to look into careers counselling. Maybe someone can tell me what is out there, and what I can do with my life.


Star said...

When I was probably your age I thought about going back to school. While I contribute slightly less than half the income, my job is the steady one. 27 years now. Hubby tends to leave one place for another every few years. And I have the benefits. So even going part time was not an option. And like you, I thought that given the time it would take to get the degree, I would be too close to old to do much with it by the time I got it. SO I never got started. Now that I am that old I realize I am not that old at all. Even at your age you can still grow up to be whatever you want.

Jayne said...

Look into everything and anything as some careers follow pathways from seemingly unrelated areas.
Open University is anotheree to look at, too.

Cazzie!!! said...

Just happened along your blog via Highriser..was an accidental "click" :)
I see you too are a mad person with four kidletts :)
I am a registered nurse, and while I know it is difficult running the place (house) I do know it is possible for you to undertake that study and just go for it.
YEs, it takes time, Part time, but at the end it is so worth it!
I encouraged my best friend to do the same, she has 3 kids and is almost 40...she will finish her Div 1 degree this year, her kids are so proud of her and so am I.
Do what it is you feel you want to do.. never too late, and always a great encouragement to your kids. Something for yourself too, which is always important :)

Cazzie!!! said...

LOl, I just read this following article, imagine if you were the police officer involved in this one, haha