Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nothing much in bits

Why is it when i think of something to write here, I'm nowhere near here, and when I am here, I've forgotten all about that most important item of information....

I want to go and see Chicago on stage. Gina Riley is in it, but that isn't putting me off. She'd probably be pretty good as Matron Mama Morton. However the real drawcard for me is Caroline O'Connor, she would be awesome in the role of Velma Kelly.

Watched "Merlin" tonight. Eh. Was ok. Not terrible to have it on when the kids are around. With a couple sword stabbing deaths, not great for the kids either! Touted as PG rated, and it was pretty tame, but was a little rougher than what I'd class as Disney PG.

Mothers Day today, and a lovely day is wished to all, but really, come on, it's a Hallmark day. You know what that means. Still, I was given a lovely 'lecky blanket for a gift, and a couple little things, so I guess I'm a part of the Hallmark world.

We won our footy game today. Yay! Dogs are back on track. Would love to see the game, but I doubt they'll be showing it. That bites. An interstate game should be played on free to air, and games played in my local area should be on pay telly. I know it's all aimed at people like us in buying in for pay telly, but we refuse on that point.

Now there is a blog post I could write; Pay telly and why we refuse to get it. But eh, it's late and time to have some milk and head to bed, and I've now got a new thing to forget to write about.


Andrew said...

Sometimes ideas for post tumble from my brain and if I can I note them and hopefully, but not always, it might be enough to jog my memory. But there are times when I am stumped and yet feel obliged to post something. I can then fall back on half written posts, well, sometimes.

Star said...

Happy Mothers Day Rae. I know, everyday is Mother's Day. I find that my posts are just so much wittier in my head, when I am in the shower or driving in the car. For some reason when I acually sit at the keyboard I forget all the great lines. I need a way to think my posts online.

Marika said...

Belated Happy Mothers Day...after having 4 kids, surely you've earned a day, Hallmark or not?!

We had Foxtel a few years ago - we actually won a 12 month subscription in a competition - would never have paid for it otherwise. We did like it while we had it, but after we gave it back, we didn't miss it after a day or two. There came a point towards the end of the 12 months that we would flick through the channels and realise that we'd seen 80% of the content before. We are not sports hounds though...could be a different story when there's footy involved!

Raelene said...

Marika, we are the same with pay telly, we used to flick through about 5 times before settling on something that we'd seen many times before. Not worth it. Plus they used to have ads for themselves only, when we finished up, they were having ads for shampoos etc, like you get on free-to-air. I thought that was why you paid for it - so you didn't have to have these sorts of ads.
Plus there's no footy channel now, so there just is no excuse to go back for us.