Monday, September 21, 2009

Freeway driving

Driving on a freeway, you see some crazy characters. Some make you laugh, others make your heart thump. Today I saw a thumper.

A little blue "Accent" travelling down the Westgate bridge. Nothing much there. Not til you looked in the read window and saw a little yellow hat wearing head looking out the back window.

Yes, in full view of everyone behind.

No car seat, no restraint, just kid's head bobbing up between adults in the back seat.

They got off the freeway at Millers Road. I almost followed them, but got a bit worried about road rage laws and all. Instead I had my passenger use my phone to take a photo. Pic includes car, window with head, and number plate.

Now how do I report this, and who to?


Andrew said...

I just heard the phone number today. Not 000 and not your local or any other police station. 1300 something I think.

Daniel said... says "Report non-emergency crime incidents to your local police station. Details can be found in the Your Local Police section of this site."

Jayne said...

It's Just WRONG in this day and age, ignorance is no excuse it's just plain laziness.

Cazzie!!! said...

Bloody unreal! If I was a copper I would double book 'em. Ya just can't believe it. All the things we see out there. I mean, a license to drive is given to people that don't deserve it, and they don't deserve kids either!

Little Snoring said...

Amazing what people are prepared to do in a car. So easy for an accident to happen and their life to change instantly.

ps. thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway, hope you visit again soon.