Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Room decor

3 bedrooms for the kids. At the moment we have eldest in one room on her own, oldest boy in his own room, and the twins in the smallest room together. Eventually the plan is to have the boys in together and the girls in their own rooms. The main reasoning behind this is the boys are close in age (almost 2 years between them) and the girls have a big difference in age (13yo and 2yo). Big Miss will remain in the one big room on her own. Small Miss will remain in the smallest room on her own.

Have started decor in the boys room. Going with Disney's Cars. We have curtains and a framed print on the wall. More to come at some point.

Big Miss has some bits and pieces on her walls. She's into decorating her own space herself. I'd like to do it up in purple, like the bed set we got her, but she's so tomboy, it's just too difficult to arrange. I'm now leaving it to her.

Little Miss. Very much a little "Miss". Loves pink. My girly girl. Had been thinking to go mainstream, like Pooh bear or Disney Princess or something, mostly cos it's easy to find pieces to go with everything, but I had a good idea today.

I have always loved the book "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. I thought it would be easy to find things to go with that sort of decor, maybe some framed pictures on the wall, or wallpaper of some sort, but nada. Looks like if I want that theme, I'm going to have to get creative and make some things. Or check out this link from a friend for more ideas.

Or come up with a different theme....

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Star said...

Star loved "Where the Wild Thing Are" With the movie oming out you should be able to find room decor.