Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stopped in their tracks

It would appear the advertising for not stopping on train tracks isn't getting through.

I left for work this morn at 9am, after waiting to see if gout-boy (Formerly known as husband) needed me to stay home. By 9, he'd decided all was ok and he'd get through the day without me, so off I traipsed. Stopped behind the white line, as everyone ahead, like me, was turning right after the train line. Two cars ahead of me were stopped on the line.

What the? I hear you say. This is normal. Mind, I'm usually on the road around 7am, but they still do it.

I am aware that two cars or one bus will fit on the other side, so if I'm the third car in the queue, or the car behind a bus, I'll stop before the train line. It's just sensible.

I know my kids annoy me at times, but I think growing up motherless wouldn't be the solution.

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Cazzie!!! said...

Too right! A mum lost her life here in Werribee. She was waiting for the V Line to go through and the carriage flipped and hit her car. She died, the kids survived, and they were so traumatised. I remember the ambos talking about it. Absolute madness of people stopped there on the line. The trauma it causes train drivers too.. I have friends who are train drivers. They cringe driving through hot spots, and that is one of them right there!