Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Trip

I have a history of whinging about my trip in to work. Yeah, not here, but on previous blogs.

Well, history be damned. It's going to be repeated yunno.

Things I've noted of late:
  • There is always one thing that will crap the crap out of you on the drive. Some days it's red lights. That was late last week for me. Every. Freakin'. Single. Red. Light. I don't know why or how it happens, but that was one drive in. Today, it was highbeamers or 4WDs up my butt with big bright lights. People. Listen to me. If you drive a 4WD and your headlights are going through the back window of the car ahead, it is ANNOYING! It is also DANGEROUS! I can't see anything when you do that. Sit back a little. Please. It won't hurt, honest! Of course, once the 4WD moved around me, I had Mr 70's Dodgy mobile with the one wonky headlight. One normal headlight, one wonky, which was directed exactly at my pupil. Gah! Park next to a plain painted building, put headlights on, then make sure they are aimed at the same place (ie straight ahead, and down on the road a little) That is what they are for - to show you where you are going, not to shine into people's eyes! Morons.
  • People in a hurry are the worst drivers. Sure you may be late, but seriously, better late than... well, you know how that one goes. They weave in and out of traffic, seriously endangering other people on the road. Hello! One of those other people on the road is MOI. Drive nicer thanks.
  • Some people think the road is theirs and theirs alone. I'm sorry, the roads have been built for everybody to use. Not just you. If I'm here in this lane, you can't indicate while BESIDE me and then start to move into the lane EXACTLY WHERE I AM. Not a hard lesson here folks. Find a gap, then indicate and start to move. If the person you are moving in front of starts to try and minimise the gap, then don't let them.
  • Oh and finally, the indicater. No, that's right indicatEr. The person who sits in a lane driving along with the speed of all the traffic, with a permanent indicator flashing on their car. Yup. We have no idea what you are doing either. Get off the road, pick up your mobile phone, dial "Learners are Us" and get some lessons. Seriously. Learn how to change lanes on a slow and a fast moving freeway. Otherwise you'll never get out. Of the lane I mean.
Finally, a funny thing I noticed the other morn. You know how there are those days where everytime you move into a moving lane, it stops and the lane you just left starts moving? Heh. I saw a bloke change lanes 3 times and it happened to his lane every single time. I was just lucky it was my lane he moved out of in the first place!


Daniel said...

I feel your pain, and I'm so glad I don't have to do this every morning.

kalesco said...

I feel your pain too, unfortunately, other than Daniel, I have to endure the same things every day.

vlado said...

This is a brilliant rant. Oh how I miss reading blog post like this... or posting them for that matter.