Monday, June 29, 2009


Just back from a chat with a work colleague. Why is it, everytime I say something, it gets shot down. How is it that this one person knows so much more than me. Even told me what public libraries do (hello? used to work in one, I sorta have a good idea what happens in-house)

I've gotten to the point of just shutting up during some conversations. When no matter what I say, it will be 'upped' by the other person in the conversation, it brings me down.I don't understand that mentality.

I have a close relative that likes to be the most knowing person. Even to the point of spoiling the surprise for others around. I find that annoying too. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, it's nicer to just shut up and let others enjoy what you already know. It's not important to show off how clever or knowing or intelligent you are.

I like an intelligent person, someone who *knows* their stuff. Even if the subject is boring, when you hear people speak with passion about their chosen field, it is a joy and I could sit listening to them for ages.

But when it's a know-it-all who has to one-up you on everything you say, or has to speak over you to get out their opinion on something, I get frustrated, walk away and don't feel compelled to go out of my way to chat with them again.


jenu said...

We have a guy at work who literally spends every minute of his day on wikipedia. So not only does he 'know everything' but he gets his knowledge from wikipedia. He is a nightmare to talk to.

Jayne said...

Don't let the rude people/person get you down; the fact they talk over the top of others shows how worthless they think their own opinion is and how little they think they are valued.
The next time someone starts talking when you're speaking - continue what you're saying and try (it's damn hard) to ignore their speech - curiosity gets them each and every time and they'll shut up, letting you continue in peace.
You can politely drop into the conversation something about 'effective communication is a two-way street' and how important it is to listen to others while having the respect to let them finish their statement.
Stop letting them make you feel as worthless and shut down as they do, themselves - they're only sharing their own misery.