Thursday, April 2, 2009

Drivers please

Please. If you see me on the road in my little red car, please note the following:

Don't drive and talk on your mobile phone, with it up against your ear. Take some time to get yourself a hands free. You can go the good and cheap version at under $10. They plug into the phone and your ear and have a mini mic halfway along. Or if you are rich enough to drive a mega sized 4WD Volvo, then you should be able to afford a proper plug in kit. I organised one to be installed in the boss' new car for around $350. Yes woman in ultra large black Volvo, this is aimed at you. Alternatively it could be you, little black VW driver, who is adept at going through roundabouts with phone on ear, and also able to indicate (how many arms/hands to you have??)

Don't sit right up my crumpet while I'm cruising at a legal speed behind another bunny travelling at the same speed. I can't go faster, by law and by sense (if I go faster, I hit the bunny). When we stop at lights, I will turn and glare at you. Oh, this one was an idiot Kia driver this morn.

Final one for today; don't push in at the last minute. You know you are going to want to be in *that* lane and you may not want to get in behind me in the queue, but hey, thems the breaks. You need to be in *that* lane, do the decent thing and get in the back; just like the rest of us did. And if you happen to be on the Swan st bridge in the morn and see me travelling along, be sure to note that I won't let you merge while BESIDE me. You actually need to get at least a tiny amount of space before moving across, not just indicate and start to merge.

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Star said...

Sounds a lot like home. By the tine I get to work or back home my nerves are frayed. I don't know why talking on the phone without a hnds free is still legal in this state. I am sure some would ignore the rule, but maybe some would out the phone down!