Monday, April 20, 2009

Hate hate HATE this ad

There is an ad for insurance RACV playing on telly at the moment. It drives me simply up the wall.

Some weird couple finishing each other's sentences and ending the ad with 'you complete me' comments. Gah! I just hate it so much. I can't explain why, it just irks me.


A W Malloy said...

Me too.

Andrew said...

Awful ad, but I note who is the boss, the girl.I thought you were a lass of class, but you allow some A W Malloy to comment. Poor form.

Marika said...

Oh no...I love it! It always makes me smile. I think it makes me feel better that there are people out there sadder than me. Or maybe I just really like their couch?

The iselect health insurance girl, on the other hand...I could quite happily cause her bodily harm.

Ren said...

I'm with Marika. I can handle the "you complete me" bits but that puffin' muffins tart drives me nutters.