Thursday, August 20, 2009

How do you do it?

I like my job, enough to keep returning on a daily basis, enough to say thanks when the pay packet comes in. I like it enough.

I like my direct boss. It's just me and him in this office. I like that. He's pretty good as far as bosses go. Flexible, friendly, down to earth. I like the boss.

He has 5 Managers. I adore 2. Can't stand the other 3. Just can not stand them. When they ring, I wonder how I can get out of speaking with them. I don't - I always answer and I always answer nice and friendly like. But I still wonder how I can get away with avoiding their call.

There are several departments I would like to avoid. And would if I could. Yes, if I could buy that item without dealing with Purchasing I would. Yes, if I could do the mail without seeing certain people along the way, I would.

I have a time in the office that I now detest. It's generally between 8.30 and 9am, and it's when the security guard sticks his head in for a (I'm not kidding) 15 minute chat. Don't get me wrong, I like chatting with the best of them, but I'd really rather avoid these... confrontations. Today I set up the coffee machine while he hung around and watched.

How do you get by, avoiding certain people, without upsetting the order? I like being seen as a nice person, but I can't take this for much longer. I have said this in the past and I'm putting it here: these people are going to be the reason I leave my job.

And yes, I'm quite aware that it could be much worse somewhere else, but seriously, I won't have a predisposed opinion of people in a new workplace. So many years in one workplace are definitely a no-no. Time to move on.


Star said...

My new favorite way to shut thos annoying people down is"Sorry, I'm not ignoring you, but this email (phone call, project ) is time sensative." So far everyonr has apologized to me and left the room. Hopefully they will never catch on

Ren said...

Just smile... nod... give minimal answers, then go to the toilet. I live in a world that is like what you've described 8.30 - 4.30.