Saturday, February 21, 2009


Tis lovely to have a nice new home, built to our specifications, even if some of our wanted specs were missed out, due to our tightened budget. But we have walls painted the colour we liked and flooring done with the type of flooring we liked, kitchen cupboards in the colour and style we fancied and even a nice big shower that suited us better then the regular square sized one you get on the plan.

Did I mention walls painted the colour we liked?

Apparently Miss K wasn't impressed and thought one wall would look much nicer with red and blue crayon swirls on it. Much to her chagrin, the ensuing shouts were not of glee at her handiwork.


Andrew said...

Oh dear. It hasn't started on our walls yet, but some mysterious biro swirls have appeared on our mouse mat.

Ren said...

*cacklegigglesnort* I love kids.