Sunday, February 8, 2009

Victoria, yesterday

Such horrific scenes on the telly news last night. Thankful that for us it was just on the telly and not in our own backyard.

For those of us lucky enough to still have our house, belongings and family surrounding us, I encourage you to do what you can for those without the same. A good start is the abc site. Leave a comment with what you can help the unfortunate with.

Reading some of the comments, I realise it's not only shelter, it's also small things like toys for kids. I've offered out kids clothing, as my lucky twins clothing drawers are overflowing. If I can give someone some clothing, I'll make sure some toys are included in that package.

If you know of other links where we can contact those in need for donations, please feel free to leave a comment with a link or details and even add this to your own blog.

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Marika said...

I know it's v. late, but St Vinnies & the Salvos were doing clothing drives. I know they were still going late last week - could be worth a try, if you haven't already?

The whole situation has just been overwhelming from so many perspectives - trying to comprehend what has happened, what these people have been through and lost, but also the flip side, the seemingly bottomless generosity of our fellow Australians. So many people have helped, but as soon as that's done, have turned right back around and asked what else needs to be done.

So much of the last couple of weeks has made me cry.