Monday, April 12, 2010

Been a while

Well between my birthday and now, there have been quite a few things happen:
  • My maternal Grandfather passed away, now leaves me and my brother with one grandparent. He was 86, she is 84. The funeral was nice, as far as funerals go. We had the wake at our place. He was doing ok while at home, but the day before Aus Day he fell, and it was later discovered, broke his hip. Got through the op, but had to go into care, as he needed nursing 24/7.

  • Thomas the cat suffered teeth issues, was taken to the vet, but hasn't been right since. Turned into a skinny boy. Need to learn how to fatten him up. Overfeeding doesn't work, as he'll generally scoff whatever is there, then chuck.

  • Footy season has started and my boys are 2 wins from 3 games. Have attended all 3 games so far. Next week it's the Lions at the Gabba, just a tad too far away by car.

  • I've signed up to do a course at work. The boss is paying. It's Certificate IV in Frontline Management. Dunno if it will give me more skills, but it will be good for work. And a catch up with my work girlfriend for 5 or 6 afternoons in May/June. Yeah, I'm not selfish.

  • Little Missy Moo is toilet training herself. I'm ecstatic, more than words on a PC screen can show. Mr H is not yet ready, but we won't push him either. I tried training them at the start of summer, with no luck. She's now just clicked.

Hmmm... I think that is me up-to-date, not unless you want the boring bits as well. Will try to do more often in future!

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Andrew said...

I know of so many people who fall, break their hip and they don't last much longer. 2 3/4 year old niece's toilet training has kind of happened by itself. Not perfect yet.