Sunday, December 21, 2008

Umm.... ok....

Eldest daughter just came home from a friend's house. She's hung out with this boy on several different occasions. He's a nice looking lad. With dimples, and I like dimples.

Gets home today to tell me that she's been kissing with him.

Ok... what do you say to that? He's standing beside her when she tells me and unabashedly says "yeah, we're going out".

So it would seem eldest now has a boyfriend.



Andrew said...

Mummy feeling a tinsy bit old then?

Star said...

Another chapter begins. How old is she? Don't you wish kids camee with instruction manuals sometimes? The oly hope I can give you is that we survived 3 daughters. Merry Christmas Rae.

Raelene said...

Andrew, not really feeling old, as I've been expecting something like this for a while now. Moreso was the straight outness of her telling me. I love the honesty, but I would never have told my Mum straight out that I'd been kissing a boy - especially not with him standing right there!

Star, she's 12... some days acts 30, others like she's 3!! And I'm so glad you survived 3, it gives me hope!! :) Merry Christmas to you too!!!