Sunday, February 7, 2010


Reading a crafty blog today (link to specific post) I've just thought of a good idea for a small handmade Xmas gift. Melissa is making these great handmade wash cloths. Very clever. I'm thinking to do same, but in a pocket style, so you can slip your soap inside the wash cloth to use it.

What do you reckon? Feels more like a female type gift. Maybe one of these with some really nice soap? Hmmm... Thinking cap back on.

I recently came up with another nifty idea, combining knitting and ipods. I'm yet to make more than one, so I'll try and get knitting a few more, then post about that and see what you think about it - I'd like to know if you'd use it and such. Just out of interest :)


Star said...

I am impressed you are thinking about Christmas. Aren't you guys sweating? I'm the one with 28 inches of snow! Both ideas sound lovely.

Cazzie!!! said...

I would sure use those things..and what a great idea to make them :)